Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of Needful Things

Are you like me, do you love gadgets?  I am a gadget Freak whether it's technology or knitting.  So naturally one of my fun things to do is peruse Etsy looking at various knitting miscellany. 

The stitch markers alone make me dizzy with glee.  Beads and metal put together creating tiny works of art.  I could make my own, this is true, but then would I have time for knitting?  I've done a lot of beadwork in my day and I do enjoy it, but I've also learned to enjoy the work of others.  I bought some pretty little stitch markers last year that still make me smile.  I love to take them out of their little baggie, hold them in the palm of my hand to feel their heft, dangle them in front of my eyes and give them a little shake.  A purple glows with the light behind it, illuminating the little flower on the glass bead, the silver findings sparkle.  Ahhhh.

Lest we forget the knitting needles themselves.  Oooh, no plastic or cheap metal for me, no way!  I love the feel of good bamboo needles like Clover/Takumi, they give me the chills.  They warm in my hands while I'm knitting and the yarn slides with ease, but only when I want it to do so.  

The only metal needles I've purchased are the Addi Turbos, they knit like a dream.  Sleek and smooth, my knitting picks up the pace when I'm on a good pair of Addi's.  Then there's the holy grail of metal needles, Signature Needle Arts.  Holy moly!  What beauties.  I have yet to drop the cash on a pair of those babies, but every once in a while my mouse hovers over the link in my favorites and with a sigh I click.  Before me is the stuff knitting dreams are made of, Addi is sleek, but Signature is Sexy.  I pretend to customize a pair and I stare at the results with longing, close my eyes and imagine knitting with these needles of steel ( I don't actually know what they're made out of, but that sounded good, didn't it?). 

I haven't ever purchased any wooden needles and it's not because they're unavailable.  The simple truth is that I prefer the hand turned, specialty wood needles.  Oh, and guess what?  They're p-r-i-c-e-y.  But I can dream.  They're not on the top of my list of things to buy.  We all know that the money we spend on knitting is best spent on...soft, fluffy, cushion-y fiber. 

What other gadgets?  Oh come on, what about knitting bags, notebooks, apps for our iTouch/iPhone, cute little tape measures, kniddy-knoddies, ball winders and swifts.  Yea, those make my heart go pitter-pat. 

To me knitting isn't just the finished product, it's the gadgets and tools I use to get them finished. 

Knit happy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hoodie in September

You know the one.  The same one that seems to inspire more KALs than any other pattern.  The one everyone seems love.  Yea, that's the one, the Central Park Hoodie.  I've moved from the dreaming stage that I've spent the last year wallowing in and feel like I can tackle it with gusto.  So now I'm in the planning stages. 

I've gathered most of the materials I need except for the buttons and...wait for it...the yarn.  Yea, the yarn.  I'm having a hard time choosing.  Do I want to splurge and buy the most absolutely perfect yarn and spend over $200 or do I want to be reasonable and spend only about $100 on some Cascade 220 Heather (color not chosen yet either).  In some ways I'd love to drop the dough for some sweet hand spun merino or alpaca blend.  Then there's the undeniably to-die-for import yarns that the shipping charges alone would be like a bullet in the ass.  

I have spent several hours going through the Ravelry site to see what everyone else has knitted the CPH in and the yarns I like the most are waaay over budget.  Alright, so it's my own fault since I'm not a petite size 2 and I need 16-20 flippin' skeins of yarn.  I'm over that though, so you should be, too.  ;-)

If I could just make a decision on what I want to knit my hoodie in September wouldn't seem to be looming so close. 

Storing Patterns

What a pain.  I print patterns off the net all the time and put them in protective sleeves and a binder.  Binder is stuffed and I just printed off 3 more 5 page patterns.  That's 3 thick sleeves.  I need another blasted binder.

There has to be a better way to keep these things.  I don't want to just make a cd since I'd have to print it out anyway when I do the project.  Throwing it in the garbage afterward is stupid so why not print and save?

I need to find a new way to store these patterns.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Squatters Rights

Simply put, I love fiber.  Wool, alpaca, cotton, flax, etc.  Knitting gives me peace of mind and is my solace.  I thought that since my last blog moved to a server that I found annoyingly painful to post to, that I would move.  With that move I also decided I would change the direction of my blogging to my passion of working with fibers.
I don't post a lot, so if you're expecting daily posts you'll be sorely disappointed.  I post when the spirit hits me upside the head.  If you're expecting to learn anything you'll, again, likely be disappointed.  This blog is for me, my thoughts, my experiences.  If you do learn something, then I'll be pleased of course, but it's not my main purpose of posting.

Currently on the needles:  a wonderful pair of socks.  I'll post details about them later.