Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hoodie in September

You know the one.  The same one that seems to inspire more KALs than any other pattern.  The one everyone seems love.  Yea, that's the one, the Central Park Hoodie.  I've moved from the dreaming stage that I've spent the last year wallowing in and feel like I can tackle it with gusto.  So now I'm in the planning stages. 

I've gathered most of the materials I need except for the buttons and...wait for it...the yarn.  Yea, the yarn.  I'm having a hard time choosing.  Do I want to splurge and buy the most absolutely perfect yarn and spend over $200 or do I want to be reasonable and spend only about $100 on some Cascade 220 Heather (color not chosen yet either).  In some ways I'd love to drop the dough for some sweet hand spun merino or alpaca blend.  Then there's the undeniably to-die-for import yarns that the shipping charges alone would be like a bullet in the ass.  

I have spent several hours going through the Ravelry site to see what everyone else has knitted the CPH in and the yarns I like the most are waaay over budget.  Alright, so it's my own fault since I'm not a petite size 2 and I need 16-20 flippin' skeins of yarn.  I'm over that though, so you should be, too.  ;-)

If I could just make a decision on what I want to knit my hoodie in September wouldn't seem to be looming so close. 

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