Saturday, June 26, 2010

Squatters Rights

Simply put, I love fiber.  Wool, alpaca, cotton, flax, etc.  Knitting gives me peace of mind and is my solace.  I thought that since my last blog moved to a server that I found annoyingly painful to post to, that I would move.  With that move I also decided I would change the direction of my blogging to my passion of working with fibers.
I don't post a lot, so if you're expecting daily posts you'll be sorely disappointed.  I post when the spirit hits me upside the head.  If you're expecting to learn anything you'll, again, likely be disappointed.  This blog is for me, my thoughts, my experiences.  If you do learn something, then I'll be pleased of course, but it's not my main purpose of posting.

Currently on the needles:  a wonderful pair of socks.  I'll post details about them later.

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