Sunday, July 4, 2010

Arrgh! Dammit! lakdjsflaksjdfal;sdj

There I was peacefully knitting the second sock.  I'd turned the heel, picked up my stitches and decreasing for the gusset.  I was reading my instructions again just to make sure I was on the right path.  Then it hit me!  Oh hell!  Oh damn me!  Craaaaaap!  I had done my first sock wrong.  See there's this part that says, continue the established pattern, for the top of the foot.  Dummy me, I started with the first few rows that are BEFORE the established pattern as I saw that as the beginning of the pattern.  Duh!  *hanging head in shame*  In reality I needed to be knitting the 12 rows that make the diamond pattern that is the primary design of the sock. 

Do you think anyone will notice 3 or 4 rows difference between the two socks?  Okay, another sock knitter will probably notice if take more than cursory look, but I don't the civilians at work or my family will know the difference. 

Certainly another learning experience!  Think Diva, THINK!

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