Friday, July 30, 2010

It's My Birthday!!

48 years old today.  OMG, where have the years gone?  Wasted youth, that's for sure.  But that's ok, I've always been a late bloomer.  I'm almost 50 and just starting to come into my own, as they say, better late to the party than never showing up.  I'm just grateful to have made it this far.

My husband enabled me to buy a Nook, you know, the e-reader put out by Barnes & Noble.  I love it!  I've already one book and working on the second.  I also have side-loaded several knitting patterns and will put some others on later, too. 

I'm getting my haircut today, have to leave in about 20 minutes.  I've had long hair for the last 10 years with about a year in the middle of that where I cut it all off and let it grow back.  I'm a little nervous about it.  My Leo mane has been almost a signature.  I was really scared about cutting it, but then I realized that my hair spends more than half of it's day up in a clip.  I'm not going crazy short, being a Leo I have a certain sense of security in my hair so hopefully the style I've picked out won't be a disappointment. 

Later, early evening, we're going to a friends house for a get together totally non-birthday related, but I figure it's better than sitting at home.  We'll go to my parents tomorrow.  I'm going to be making Oreo Truffles for the get together.  A co-worker brought them in a few weeks ago and they were so good that I wanted the recipe so I can make them for my family during the December holiday.  These guys will be my guinea pig group for trying them out.  hehe

I've been working on a "feather & fan" shawl.  It's slow going, the yarn is so fine that you knit like crazy and find you've only gained less than an inch.  It's a lesson in patience for me, that's for sure.  I'll post pics if I ever finish it. 

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  1. Happy Birthday. You'll love the Nook. I've had it about three weeks. Don't forget your free Friday book.