Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have spent quite a few hours lately on Ravelry.  Got some some pictures taken of my stash yarns and assigned them to various projects.  Also, a few weeks ago I weeded out my group list and left several groups, most of them due to inactivity.  Why stay a member where there's been no posts for a year?  Sure, I could post and try to get things going.  But I evaluated my commitment to the groups and decided they had to go.  This weekend, though, I've joined a few groups and actually posted!  Yea, much more interesting groups than when I first joined almost 3 years ago.

Have I knit lately?  Uhm, no.  I need to finish this pair of socks so I can move on. 

I keep looking at different yarns for my SIL's shawl and the CPH is still haunting me.  What to start on first???  I don't know!!

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