Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spinning in Place

Looks like I may start spinning again.  I was looking over my beautiful wheel that's been in the closet (keeping it safe from critters) and puttered around the raw wool I have here and there.  Finally!  I think the pain of my failures at spinning has faded enough to try again. 

I've finished the "Lost Socks" and have started on a Feather and Fan scarf.  I'm having some trouble with it and it's my first lace project.  I've ordered the pretty shawl kit from knitpicks and thought it was a good idea to try my hand at working with laceweight.  Big problem, K2togs are killing my hands.  I wish I could figure out why I have so much trouble, even though I'm purposely knitting as loose as possible.  Only the K2togs give me hassle.  I've posted my issue with one of the yahoo knitting groups I'm on so maybe someone will have some wise and wonderful advice.

I'm also trying to find out if lace weight yarn is typically uneven throughout the skein with thick and thin spots.  If it's not normal, then I guess I won't use lace yarn to round up those KnitPick orders! 

Sock blockers!  Yea, gonna get me some o'them.  I saw some awesome ones on eBay and I definitely will be getting the dragon ones.  Check'em out here.  There's some cute rooster and wolf ones by the same seller, too.

Fiber makes me so happy.  I wish I could concentrate at work while knitting, I think it would help me relax more.  

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  1. Hey, girly. Did you ever get your k2tog figured out? I could come see what you are doing, maybe help you in person.

    I just found this, today, so am pouring over what you have been writing. I love reading your stuff, especially your rants, lol. Couldn't agree with you more on MANY of them. ;0)