Monday, July 5, 2010

Torn Between Fibers

It's quite possible that I've found a fiber I want to use for my Central Park Hoodie (all subsequent posts will refer to it as "CPH", I'm tired of typing it out).  But I have to chose from 3 different fibers and that's not counting the standby "Cascade 220" definitely a heather yarn. 

One is Valley Yarns Northampton and the other two are from Elann; their Peruvian Highland Wool and their Peruvian Highland Donegal

When I started my quest for THE yarn to knit up the CPH I spent many hours looking at the finished CPH's on Ravelry.  The most popular yarn is the Cascade 220.  The most popular colors seems to be greens and purples. 

Purple and all it's glorious variations, is my favorite color.  While a coat, jacket or sweater is great in purple if you're 13, I just can't see it at my age.  Why?  Dunno.  Maybe it brings back memories of my beloved purple coat when I was in junior high that was destroyed by the bitches sitting behind me during an assembly when they wrote "kick me" on it with black permanent marker.  Add the kicks I received outside of the assembly and you pretty much have a teenage girl both mourning her beautiful purple coat and wondering why these bitches hated her so much that they had to destroy it.  Childhood sucks, eh?  That's what happens when you put a pacific northwest girl into the wilds of southern California, LOL. 

Then there's green.  I love green.  Unfortunately, I have this strange habit of purposely avoiding the popular, I always want something *different*, so the need to knit the CPH in something other than green is/was very strong.  Looking at my options though, nothing sings with my spirit like the greens and purples for this hoodie.  This is going to be something I wear when I don't feel like my wearing my best loved ScottEVest jacket. That's why it has to be *perfect*.  The only way for it to be perfect is to be a color and fiber I will love.  So, I have a decision to make and only a few weeks to make it in so I can order it.  yay  I hate having to make decisions.

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