Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WalMart for knitters

I hate Walmart.  Let me just state that clearly.  I hate them because of how they treat their employees.  I hate them because they outsource everything imaginable.  But I hate them most of all because I have to shop there!  I can't afford to pay twice as much for Dawn dishing washing liquid, laundry detergent, body soap, deodorant and the like at my local grocer or drugstore.   Walmart knows that, they know it and they use it to get you in the door.  The one thing I refuse to buy from them is music, the rats think it's their responsibility to censor music and I cannot support censorship in any form.  Walmart is the devil.  They suck you in with their low prices and keep you in with their convenience. 

Walmart for knitters, is KnitPicks.  They outsource terribly.  They trick you into thinking you're paying less for yarn by offering smaller skeins than everyone else and they steal ideas, outsource them and then offer them cheaper.  Yea, they're lower quality, too.  I'd much rather pay $16 for Addi turbos than their metal needles.  But they're Walmart's little devil sister.  They suck you in with their book sales and they offer some pretty nice kits at relatively low price.  For one price you get the materials and pattern.  But I refuse to buy their needles and notions.  I only buy their yarn a hank/ball at a time to round out my order for free shipping.  So they got me. 

This was all brought on by my resolve to NOT buy from KnitPicks.  However, their sold out Baltic Lace Shawl kit has come back for a limited engagement.  I had to have it and since I wasn't going to pay $30 plus shipping I rounded it all out with a book and hank of sock yarn.  *hangs head*  They got me and I have guilt.  But the pattern is BEE YOU TEE FULL. 

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