Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow, Cold and the CPH

Holy smokes it's cold.  Washington is currently in the cruel clutches of an arctic freeze.  Damn cold, that means.  So the roads are icy, husband and I both had to take the day off of work.  What a pain.  I don't like missing work unless it's for fun.  Even being sick and having to stay home depresses me.  It's just not safe out there, not to mention our own road is frozen.  We have to drive up a small incline to get to the top of our road and then it propels us down for a mile before we hit the main road.  Which isn't main enough for sanding/salting.  Sorry, but my little Neon is like a mad roller skate on ice, just can't do it. 

It supposed to start warming up tomorrow, I figure by then the roads should be clear and dry anyway, so we should be able to get to our works.

I've been knitting on the central park hoodie now for almost two months, I'm still just on the back panel, but coming onto the home stretch of it.  That's the problem with being a large woman, everything but mittens, socks, hats and scarves have to be knit mega big, which means it takes longer to knit than one for a regular sized person.  I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far, I have to say that a lot of credit goes to my tools and materials.  Good bamboo needles and nice yarn make it fun to knit.  The cute little stitch counters I bought on Etsy and the knitting apps on my iTouch help me to not make as many errors that would slow my progress. 

When I finish the back and get it blocked I'll snap pic.  It's going to be pretty and comfy!

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