Sunday, December 12, 2010

Creative Fires

Finished the back of the CPH and have started on the left front.  I'm really happy with my choice in yarn, but I have a feeling I'm going to be glad to work with something else by the time I'm finished. 

Waiting for some blocking boards and bought a sweater blocker set of flexible blockers & pins.  I have too many pets to just use a towel on the table, so once the boards get here I'll block the back and set it somewhere safe from fuzzy critters. 

I'm trying to stay in a creative mode/mood.  I love to work with different materials and knitting isn't my only passion.  Currently I'm working on an oil painting and have plans for a few different projects for the steampunk costumes for my husband and myself.

I'll not be knitting any gifts this year, like I thought I would, but I'm really starting to feel comfortable with trying knew knitting patterns so will likely knit some things during the coming year for gifts.  I have some ideas already.

Happy Yule to you and yours. 

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