Monday, July 25, 2011

Game on!

I ordered the supplies I need, from Halcyon Yarn, to start my first weaving project!  I'm so excited!  I decided to order the colors I wanted and I'll figure it out when it gets here. I have an inkling of a pattern and I'll play with the colors a little more while I wait for its arrival.

I was so tired last night I didn't blog!  I was trying so hard to blog daily, but I was simply out of sorts.  I worked 4 overnight shifts and yesterday when I got home I slept for a few hours and then went to our gaming session.  Which I must say was awesome.  The game itself wasn't great, but I was so happy to be with my friends!  I never realized how important game day was to me until it was taken away.  Imagine how warm and fuzzy I felt when they all actually wanted to change to Sundays.  We'd been playing together for about 8 years, every other Saturday, with only a few times a year missed due to conventions, holidays and illness.  So I was happy, though exhausted.  Originally we were going to have an "Indiana Jones" gathering on my birthday next Saturday, but my job has totally screwed me out of that, so the highlight yesterday was when one of my friends sang "Happy Birthday" to the tune of Indiana Jones!  It was quirky but AWESOME.  Thanks Stevena!

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