Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting there.

I can't believe that I'm actually going to start weaving.  I found the brown "kraft" paper at wally world today, so that was a bonus.  I'm really excited about this coming together.  I'm hoping my order arrives around the end of the week or even the beginning of next week so I can spend one of my days off warping my loom.  I'll take a picture of the process.  Hopefully, the pics won't include a pile of tangled yarn laying on the floor with me crying like a baby that just lost its pacifier.  I keep wondering if this undertaking is going to be my undoing. 

I've learned about patience while knitting and feel that I've come a long way since my days of temper tantrums that often included broken glass and other shredded material.  I'm also much older and simply do not have the energy to expend on such silliness, not to mention my appreciation for hard earned cash that I, quite frankly, did not have in my 20s.  I just spent $40 bucks at the online yarn store and I'll be damned if I'm going to go ninja on it. 

I do owe a lot to my husband, who rarely is rattled by anything.  He balances me out so well, that I don't want to rant like a maniac.  The internet has helped, too.  When I'm thoroughly pissed I can blog, tweet or update my status.  I usually tweet though, that's my secret squirrel place that I'm only "followed" by few people (less than 5) and mostly follow my idols (Wil Wheaton, Alton Brown, Felicia Day and Chef Symon, for examples).   I can scream to my hearts content and none of my co-workers are aghast and go running to my boss about what a negative, nasty bitch I am about work.  haha  Yep, cuz work is the only thing that truly pisses me off these days.  Anyway...

So, I've discovered that I'm not the only one that partakes in many crafts at once.  I don't feel quite so "out there" now.  Sure, we're still the minority as most of the folks I know have their ONE CRAFT that they do exclusively, but I'm not alone in my craft deviance. I hesitate to use the words attention deficit, because I don't believe that we're deficient in any way.  We simply need a multitude of crafts to express ourselves.  Here's my list of current crafts that I particularly enjoy and in no specific order:
Oil painting
Watercolor painting
Scrapbooking (sort of)

I want to learn:
Weaving (getting there!)
Pottery (thrown)

Currently my attention has been on weaving, knitting and oil painting, but I'm hearing the call of beadwork again and I'm thinking about taking a pottery class soon. 

Either way, I'm grateful that my husband supports me in everything craft-wise.  My birthday is Saturday and I'm stumped on what I want.  Well, not really, I want an iPad, but that's not going to happen...yet.  I'm getting my Droid in September. So what do I want?  How about...a loom stool or a spinning stool.  I just don't know.  *sigh*

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