Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I don't like stripes!

Wow, I had no idea I had such a strong aversion to stripes until someone suggested the new "Knit Noro 30 Designs in Living Color".  I really do not like stripes!!  So now that I've realized it I can look at patterns and decide if I don't like the style or if someone knitted it in stripes and I'd like it better without.  Every time I look at the 30 designs my stomach churns, LOL.

There's a lot of patterns that I see recommended on email groups and Ravelry that I just shake my head and wonder if their taste is all in their mouths.  Honestly, I do realize everyone has different tastes, I just think that when I'm in a snarky mood.  I think I'm just ultra-picky.  One thing I have realized is that I like a certain flow to the piece and I'm falling in love with lace work, do I dare venture into lace?  hmmm

Is there a certain pattern design you can't stand that everyone else seems to think is beautiful? 

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