Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today is my birthday!!

Ok, so it's the second time in my entire life that I've had work on my birthday, but after 49 years of walking this blue & green marble, it was bound to happen.

I cannot think of what I would like for my birthday either.  My mom asked me, my husband asked me...I have no idea.  The thing is, when I want something, I usually just go out and get it or save up my nickels for it.  I'd like an iPad, but would I really have a use for it after I got my droid, which I can't have until September.  Do I want a Nintendo DS even though I know I'm going to get a PSVita when it come out.  Do I want knitting stuff?  I pretty much have what I want right now, though a gift card to the LYS is usually fitting.  Do I want any jewelry?  After I got my gorgarific green amethyst ring last Yule, it's pretty much kept me satisfied.  I still get tingly when I look at it.  So I don't know.  Can ya tell I'm exhausted?  I'm chattering like a magpie!  Just got home from work and waiting for my breakfast before I zone and what do I  Good grief. 

I do know is that after all this time of working on my CPH I need to start a quick and easy knitting project.  Holy moly am I sick to death of working on the CPH.  I haven't done anything on it for about a week, I wanted to step away from it for a while.  I think I want to make a pretty scarf, a little one, not a long one.  I think I'll spend this morning looking on for a while before I nod off to sleep the day away.

Happy Birthday to me.  Next year is the big Five-O.  *cringe*

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