Thursday, July 21, 2011


Because it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to, so there.

After being put on the shift of purgatory at work, I've developed a habit of whining.  LOL  Yea, sad, isn't it.  But I am not going to post about work and my shift, just in case those nosey nellies are spying on me.  No, I'm not paranoid, they monitor their employees outside online activity. 

My whines are on a different subject.  You see, I've learned something.  You know the saying, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"?  I've come to the conclusion it's not so much squeaky as it is pain in the ass.  If you're a jerk, a hater, a bitch and downright rude, you will get attention from people that are supposed to be superior* to you.  For example, Twitter & Facebook, I follow some well known names and one thing I don't expect is a response from any of my "mentions" of any of them.  They kindly live up to that expectation.  What bugs the hell out of me though, is that the people that are mean, hateful and rude, they respond to them!  Why is that?  I know I wouldn't like that kind of attention but some folks get pretty darned excited if someone famous gives them even negative feedback.  No, I haven't tweeted or responded on Facebook at any of the famous folk about this, to me that's just fishing for a response and I'd rather EARN it.  I also refuse to say something like, "my mom is sick, if you mention me it would make my day so much brighter." That's fishing, too.  I want to earn a SINCERE response.  So, for the time I've been following various people that I admire (and are followed by anywhere from 1,000 to 1,000,000+ people) all I've ever done is be friendly and respectful.  I'll earn a response eventually, but until then I'm going to be really pissed every time a hater gets air time from them. 

One thing about my job.  It's so depressing that while I'm working overnight, performing menial tasks like filling pen holders, emptying trash and doing laundry, I wish I could knit when I don't have patients to take care of, but I guess some poor sucker has to do the scut work.  But I can onlyknit during my break, which I tend to nod off during or fight falling asleep so I don't get in trouble for napping more than my break time. Oh well.  It's just that I'm getting so close to the end of my CPH.  Working on the first sleeve now.  I've gotten a few rows of the cuff done.

On the bright side.  I'm listening to podcasts while I work, such as Brass Needles and tonight I'm going to start listening to the Knitmore Girls.

End of whinage.   

*not in a royal way, but in the superior way of they being objects of admiration from us ordinary folk.  hehe  Guess that wasn't much better was it.  Oh shuddup and go with it, stop being such a PC prude. 

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