Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Geeklectic and the Warp

I'm going insane trying to warp my loom.  From my Ravelry post on a RH forum:

Three times I’ve failed. The first time I only had a few rounds made on the pegs before I lost track of which way I was going around the cross pegs. The second time I inexplicably lost tension. The third time, I just about screamed like Marion Crane. The dadgumblastedsonofaguncottonpickinevil pegs collapsed and half my work fell toward the floor, the cross section was part of it.
It’s taken the last 2.5 hours for me to calm down enough to communicate my frustration and I don’t typically get this frustrated about anything that doesn’t involve my current employer, so this has really gotten to me.
I watched the videos on warping for the Harp. I have the written instructions, too. Which says, “The pegs fit tight so don’t insert them in any manner that will cause damage to the loom.” Yea, ok, but it’s more than just TIGHT, darned near impossible, my hands HURT from trying to force those stupid pegs into the hole, afraid to use a rubber mallet to pound those suckers into the holes that barely accommodate them for fear it damage my loom.

I've gotten some good advice, from sanding the pegs a bit to going ahead and use a rubber mallet.  I may just have to do that.  One or both, I imagine.  But I can't do much until next Monday since my work week starts tonight.

I've developed a few tricks to get through my 4 graveyard shifts, so they've been a little easier.  I'm also inexplicably happy not being exposed to the daily drama of the day shift.  I don't think I have much interest in working days at that hospital, IF I didn't have to work the weekends.  Oh well, things are what they are, nothing for it.

What do you think of my new word?  Geeklectic.  Think it will catch on?  I'm an eclectic geek, so the word just kinda formed naturally.  I like such a vast array of geekery and even my fiber hobbies make me as much a of a yarn geek as it does a fiber diva.  Can I be both?  Ah, a Geeklectic Fiber Diva.  YEA!  ;-)

About those podcast reviews.  I know I haven't gotten to them yet and I still want to do them.  Things were insane at work so getting a break to write a little, just didn't happen and the last few days I've had off have been spent doing other things.  I haven't forgotten, they'll happen.  :-)

UPDATE:  I'm sadden to say that my new word is not an original.  I should have Googled it first, but I still came up with it on my own, that should count for something, right?  *big sigh*  Oh well.  Reality is a bitch.

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