Friday, August 19, 2011

Project RH

I've been spending some time on the Ravelry group "Rigid Heddle Looms" what a great bunch of helpful people.  They've helped me quite a bit and I feel confident that when I try some of the advice I was given using my warping board that I have more trouble, they'll come to my aid.  I just can't say enough, they're great.

I've also spent some time looking at the projects these weavers have completed and I'm so blown away!  Gorgeous stuff to be sure!  I am so anxious to get started weaving and piling on the experience and learning new techniques.  Here are some samples of their work the links go directly to their Ravelry post so that credit is given as due.  :-)

A wedding shawl

Another shawl

Jeen's basket of towels

Faux Ikat Scarf


I'm positively beside myself with excitement to start my first project.  I'm going to purchase a bar of soap, some sandpaper and a rubber mallet Sunday.  Sounds odd?  Those are going to be my attempts at securing the pegs in my warping board.   I intend on warping my loom Sunday afternoon if I'm still awake or Monday after my doctor's appt.  Oh yea, gonna get checked out as to why nearly ever joint in my body is painful and swollen, before it gets so out of hand I can't do anything at all.

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