Monday, August 8, 2011

Too Much Purple?

One of my favorite books from childhood is Harold and the Purple Crayon.   Armed with nothing more than a gigantic purple crayon Harold created his world.  If he needed a door, he drew a door.  If he was hungry, he drew a pie!  That purple crayon was awesome!  I don't know what came first though, my love for purple or coveting Harold's crayon.  I still love purple but I've grown to add other colors to my palette.  Green for instance.  Though I will always go back to purple, I'm currently having a love affair with green.  Unlike Harold, I don't like crayon green, you know the color.  The same green that, in grade school we made construction paper Christmas ornaments for the tree.  No, what I like are the various shades of sage and olive green.  Right now I'm dreaming of green.  Purple is just not giving me the satisfaction I desire at the moment.  The problem.  My CPH is purple.

I made a horrifying discovery this morning while unpinning the two front panels from the blocking board.  Actually, it was while putting away the pieces of the blocking board (I use the blocking mats by Knit Picks).  I put the panels on top of the plastic storage bin and while doing so, noticed the bag of purple yarn in bin.  Oh, I may have some left over when I'm done with the CPH.  I have the two sleeves, the hood and then the button band.  There was the bag of 3 skeins sitting next to the box, I had left it ther

I pulled the bin down and opened it.  Yup, there's 10 more skeins.  That's 13 left.  hmm  Uhm, wait a second.  I moved aside some green skeins and found yet another 10 skeins of the purple.  Yu-oh, 23 skeins left.  How much of this purple have I already used?  I had to dig a little to find out how much I had bought originally.  35 of the 109yd/50gPeruvian Highland Donegal.  THIRTY FIVE and I have 23 left!  I've used 12??? Number 12 was just started, too!  *banging head*  What was I thinking?  How can this be? I double checked my math.  I wanted to make this hoodie about 2 sizes bigger than I needed, as I like my jackets/hoodies baggy.  So, the pattern said 20 of 183yd/110g skeins.  I thought all I had to do was divide 3660yd by 109yd.  I guess I should have considered the weight difference as well.  I'm curious to find how much I will have left over when I'm done. 

BTW, I did make gauge.  I use my gauge swatch on top of my cpu where I set my iPod.

Which reminds me, I am going to try to bring my geekery and my love of fiber crafts together.  Stay tuned for future posts where I plan on reviewing knitting/fiber podcasts and apps.  If that goes well, I will be reviewing knitting gadgets, too!

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