Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shame on me! But subservient? NEVER!

That's what happens when I get too wrapped up in my fibro pain and po'd about my work schedule.

But I've had an near epiphany in the last 24 hours (thanks Christie) and part of that tells me to get my butt back to posting regularly to my blog.

Look, artists don't get anywhere by hiding their light under a bushel.  If I want to succeed at anything I need to get my ass out there and let people know I'm here.  Do I want to succeed as an artist.  Why yes, I do.

I have a lot of creativity bottled up in me that I stuff a cork in it that I call lack of energy and time.  But anyone who knows anything knows that art CREATES energy.  It's a circle of energy.  I have to start somewhere.  The biggest thing is to start concentrating my energy into creating.  I also need to FOLLOW THROUGH.

I need to believe in myself, too.

I have talent.

I have creative energy.

I need to apply it.

I can write.  Not as well as my friend and favorite journalist  Christie Keith.  But dammit I *can*.   I'll never be a journalist (not my cup of tea and I don't take criticism of my opinions well, I'm just not that tough) and I'll never write a book (I don't have that long of an attention...look a penguin!)  But I can jabber on a blog.

Here's my start back on the blog-wagon.  How'd I do?

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  1. Artists don't get anywhere by hiding their light under a bushel!!!!!

    You got it in one. Unless you want to be one of those that don't get money or accolades until you're dead for many years.

    Create! It does make energy. Jabber away and while you're at it, jabber about the ideas that come to mind. If you write them down, they exist. They don't float away never to be regained.