Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

Been a few months since I posted.  Seems I lost that creative steam that had been driving me.  Spending way too much time playing video games, too.  That's what I do when my muse goes on vacation.  But I feel it coming back, little by little.

Over this past year I've learned some new skills, like weaving and have attempted to revitalize others.  I'm trying to spin again, though I felt like throwing my Kromski Minstrel out the window, but I am not giving up.  Thankfully, a friend of mine is going to help me relearn to spin.  I just never got good at it and since I haven't done it in a few years what little I did learn, is gone. 

I see more painting, spinning and knitting in the coming year.  Hah, much of that is because after trying to fit in holiday gift shopping with my wonky schedule I decided that enough was enough.  I'm going to start knitting gifts EARLY and I'm not going to buy a single darned thing.  I'm done, kaput! I'm still working on CPH, but I am making it a goal to finish before the end of Jan. 2012.  Then I will start making holiday gifts for friends and family.  I've never knitted for anyone other than myself or my husband, I think it will be great fun and a new learning experience.  :-)

Also, this past year I have learned to be more tolerant and I have a new found passion for my chosen profession.  Thank goodness.  I was getting really scared that I was in the wrong profession and it wasn't making sense to me since it's all I had dreamed about since I was a wee child.  Here I am.  Working a really shitty shift, but loving my job again. 

I hope this year has been kind to everyone.  Those that it's been rough or run amok, I hope that the new year is 10x kinder than 2011 and you find that inner peace that helps you hang on to your sanity.  ;-)  Peace to all.

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