Monday, February 20, 2012

Important Discoveries

Ok.  Important to me anyway.  LOL  Not really discoveries as much as they are realizations.

As I was doing a little knitting during my break at work, a simple stockinette stitch wrist warmer to cover my new tattoo on the job, I found myself grousing about how the colors of the skein make for a really crappy striped design.  I thought of my first pair of socks and the fact that I hate them.  Then I thought of my favorite pair of socks, I love them.  I looked at my current little project.  Mud.  To me.  A light started to flicker and I jumped up to log into my Ravelry account.  AH-HA!!!  That's it!

I hate stripes.  I own nothing with stripes, none of my favorite projects on Ravelry have stripes.  Holy crap, that must be why I couldn't commit to the yarn that my husband flippantly said, "you want it, get it."  Never mind, that it was $50 a skein.  It was yak.  Yum.  But the colorway I wanted was this really cool twisted skein of variegated browns.  I LIKE THE WAY THE SKEINS look, but I don't like what happens when you knit with them!  I'll still get some yak, but it will be a solid color, NOT striped.

When I got home I dug through my stash, yea, mostly solids or heathers.  Great.  The few skeins of stripes will be socks for gifts.  LOL  I am so  happy that I've figured this out.  But I'm left to wonder why it's taken this long and why on earth it wasn't obvious from the start.  *shrug*  Oh well, better late...

The other realization was that I have failed at my commitment to spend more time creating.  I started out good, then the tired, overworked, graveyard shift worker blues took over.   I need to focus more on creating and less on sleeping.  haha

With that, I ordered another pair of Signature Arts straights and a set of 2.5US dpns.  I'm so excited, I can hardly wait.  I decided to save my nickels and buy a whole darn set of Signatures when I found my arthritis flaring when I had to switch over to a set of bamboos.  Thankfully, I'm almost done with the section I needed to use the 6US bamboos and can get back to my 7US Signatures.  A whole set is $310 but worth it save my hands.  I figure I'll get the 14" set, then supplement with 10".  When I first started knitting I thought the 14" were too long, but the more I knit the more I realize I'm cramming projects onto a set of needles too short.  The 6US that I just ordered are 14" but you can never have too many needles, right? 

Sock dpns only need to be 5" for me, but I use 4 needles instead of the 3 that a lot of folks use.  I've used 4", 5", 6" and 7" to knit socks and the 5" are the most comfortable for me.

Well, there's my BiMonthly post.  LOL ;-)

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