Monday, April 16, 2012

Dropped Stitches and The Knitting Dead.

*growl* I have cast on the Tudor Grace pattern 6 times, it has a lot of K2togs, YOs and SSKs and I kept dropping a stitch in the first row.  Last night I got 6 rows done and today I dropped 2 stitches on the 7th row that I could NOT find and ended up ripping it all out.  I've been working with some lovely Madelinetosh sock yarn and I'm totally mad for the pattern, but I'm at the crossroad.  Do I try again or move on?  I'm already frustrated because I got the point where I was ready to put the buttons on my Central Park Hoodie, only to find I need to redo the button band.  It got itself shoved into the closet for a time out.  I'm a very frustrated knitter at this time. 

I'm a member of the Ravelry group The Knitting Dead, dedicated to one of my favorite TV series, The Walking Dead" (tWD).  We're currently in a Knit Along (KAL) that has a list of possible patterns that can be knit for the KAL between now and October 1st.  The series returns in October and the KAL is to keep up our spirits until it returns.  My scarf choice is the Tudor Grace but I have other things to knit in my KAL queue, so I'm tempted to start it later. 

However, I have yarn coming from BohemiaFibers who have made some gorgeous yarns inspired by certain scenes of tWD.  I'm also a member of the Knitting Dead Yarn club (a part of the Ravelry Knitting Dead group) which means I'll be getting a skein of yarn for the next 3 months also inspired by tWD.  I have projects earmarked for all of these yarns, so I'm stymied.  Do I shelf the Tudor Grace?  Do I start one of the projects I have already gotten from BohemiaFibers?  Do I wait until one of the colorways I'm impatiently waiting for to arrive and start that project?  ARGH!!  I'm not ripping out the CPH button band and redoing it for at least a month, so that isn't one of the options. 

Maybe I should just go paint for a while. 

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