Monday, January 28, 2013


I finally finished the Honey Cowl and it was a very fun knit! It did show me just how slow of a knitter I am, but I think I've made peace with that, finally. I'll post pics of the cowl eventually. I knitted it with Madelinetosh's Vintage, worsted weight, in the Terrarium color way.  When a company says they do not have dye lots, take note! If I had realized that I wanted to make the cowl as wide as I had, I would have bought two skeins at the same time so that they were closer in color. But no, it was an afterthought. I was halfway through the first skein when I decided I wanted to make it wider. I resigned myself to the fact that the two skeins would be different, but wasn't prepared for just how different. I should have frogged the first skein and alternated the two. When the cowl is on, it really makes no difference, but *I* know. LOL

So now I'm stuck. I don't know what to knit next! I have a friend whose little girl is due in April and is having a shower in February. I really would like to knit up some Merry Jane booties, the Baby Sophisticate jacket and the adorable Cora Cloche. I think they'd look so cute together!

On the other hand I'd really like to knit up the kerchief The Age of Brass & Steam. I'll figure it out. No matter what I choose, if it's not made of sock weight, I have to go to the LYS. Oh yea, that's painful.  Not.

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